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The Hang Seng Index

Index of Largest Hong Kong Stock Exchange Companies

The Hang Seng index (HIS) is used in Hong Kong as a freefloating-adjusted market’s capitalization-biased stock market index. The everyday changes in the general market performance of the biggest companies of Hong Kong stock market is recorded and monitored by this index. There are overall 45 companies, which come under this index, and they characterize 67% of capitalization of the total Hong Kong Stocks Exchange. The Hang Seng index (HIS)The major bank of Hong Kong in the terms of market’s capitalization, the Hang Seng Bank, which wholly owns its subsidiary, the HSI Services Limited, started the Hang Seng Index (HSI) on November 24, 1969 and till now compiles and maintains the index. On July thirty first, 1964, at then hang seng index was first created and published. And stocks' total value and the base of 100 points of the index were set equivalent. After the establishment of the base value but prior to the publication of the index, the all-time low of the 58.61 points was reached on August thirty one, 1967. For the very first time, the highpoint of 10,000 point was passed by the Hang Seng index on December 10, 1993, and after 13 years passed the 20,000 point on December 28, 2006 and within 10 months the highpoint of the 30,000-point was passed on October 18, 2007.

The highest milestone has been 31,958.41 points, which were achieved on October thirty, 2007 during trading and 31,638.22 points at closing. 30% loss was faced by the index from October thirty, 2007 to the March nine, 2008, when the index lost the 9,426 points. For the very first time in more or less a year, on September 5, the index fell as low as 19,708.39, later closing at the 19,933.28. Further falling down to over 50% less of the all-time high, the index sealed at the15, 431.73 on October 8, 2008, this was the lowermost finishing value in the two years. Further down to approximately two-thirds from its all-time peak and the index came down to the 10,676.29 points on October 27, 2008, but again the twenty thousand-points milestone was passed by the stocks on twenty forth of July 2009 by the 20,063.93 points.

Hang Seng Sectors Weighting

  • Finance                           47.16%

  • Utilities                               5.58%

  • Properties                         10.39%

  • Commerce & Industry       36.86%

  • This offer a broad standard of the performance of the Hong Kong stock market, and Hang Seng the Composite Index Series was commenced on October three, 2001. This Index comprises of the geographical series and the industry series containing the topmost 200 listed companies available in the terms of market capitalization. 97% of the whole capitalization of the stocks in Hong Kong is accounted for the market capitalization of some of these companies. The Independent Advisory Committee was established by the HIS Services that guarantee justice in its deeds and to put forth recommendations on the issue of pertaining to index. On the quarterly basis, the component stocks of HIS are reviewed by the Committee and changes are projected. .

    The turnover of the total stock market and by how much is covered by its market capitalization gives a study of the representation of the HIS. Nearly at 70% of the total market value, the collective market value of the HSI component stocks is well preserved. This is a positive sign for the coverage ratio as compared to the major overseas stock indices.

    Hang Seng Index listed standards and requirements:

    • The index attempts to only include free floating shares so the calculation excludes the non-freely tradable companies capital. This is to insure available trading liquidity for index investments.
    • On a quarterly basis a cap factor (CF) is calculated to prevent any individual stock from having a weighting factor that is greater than established acceptable cap levels.
    • Shares held by certain idividual entities that own greater than 5 percent of the shares are classified as non-freefloat and are not included in the index calculation. Shareholders that are either mutual funds or investment companies, certain custodians and trustees are not included in the 5 percent exclusion.
    • An index company will be removed from the index if its shares are suspended from trading for a period of one month.

    How to Invest or Trade the Hang Seng Index

    ETF Name Exchange Fund Manager Ticker Symbol
    Hang Seng Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme Hong Kong Stock Exchange State Street Global 2800 HK
    Hang Seng Index ETF Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Hang Seng Investment Management Limited 2833 HK
    Hang Seng Index ETF Taiwan Stock Exchange Hang Seng Investment Management Limited 0081 TT
    Lyxor ETF Hong Kong (HSI) Borsa Italiana Lyxor International Asset Management HK MI
    Lyxor ETF Hong Kong (HSI) Deutsche Börse Lyxor International Asset Management LYXHSI GY
    Lyxor ETF Hong Kong (HSI) Singapore Exchange Lyxor International Asset Management HSI SP
    Lyxor ETF Hong Kong (HSI) SIX Swiss Exchange Lyxor International Asset Management LYHSI SW
    Hang Seng Benchmark Exchange National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. Benchmark Asset Management Company HSBEES IN

    There are 45 listed companies in the Hang Seng Index

    Listing and Instant Quotes for all Hang Seng Index Companies

    Company Sub Index Quote Yahoo Quote Reuters
    Cheung Kong Properties 0001.HK 0001.HK
    Henderson Land Properties 0012.HK 0012.HK
    SHK Prop Properties 0016.HK 0016.HK
    Sino Land Properties 0083.HK 0083.HK
    Hang Lung Prop Properties 0101.HK 0101.HK
    China Overseas Properties 0688.HK 0688.HK
    China Res Land Properties 1109.HK 1109.HK
    CLP Hldgs Utilities 0002.HK 0002.HK
    HK&China Gas Utilities 0003.HK 0003.HK
    Power Assets Utilities 0006.HK 0006.HK
    China Res Power Utilities 0836.HK 0836.HK
    HSBC Hldgs Finance 0005.HK 0005.HK
    Hang Seng Bank Finance 0011 .HK 0011 .HK
    Bank of E Asia Finance 0023.HK 0023.HK
    HKEx Finance 0388.HK 0388.HK
    CCB Finance 0939.HK 0939.HK
    ICBC Finance 1398.HK 1398.HK
    Ping An Finance 2318.HK 2318.HK
    BOC Hong Kong Finance 2388.HK 2388.HK
    China Life Finance 2628.HK 2628.HK
    Bankcomm Finance 3328.HK 3328.HK
    Bank of China Finance 3988.HK 3988.HK
    Wharf (Hldgs) Commerce & Industry 0004.HK 0004.HK
    Hutchison Commerce & Industry 0013.HK 0013.HK
    New World Dev Commerce & Industry 0017.HK 0017.HK
    Swire Pacific 'A' Commerce & Industry 0019.HK 0019.HK
    MTR Corporation Commerce & Industry 0066.HK 0066.HK
    China Mer Hldgs Commerce & Industry 0144.HK 0144.HK
    CITIC Pacific Commerce & Industry 0267.HK 0267.HK
    China Resources Commerce & Industry 0291 .HK 0291 .HK
    Cathay Pac Air Commerce & Industry 0293 .HK 0293 .HK
    Esprit Hldgs Commerce & Industry 0330 .HK 0330 .HK
    Sinopec Corp Commerce & Industry 0386 .HK 0386 .HK
    Li & Fung Commerce & Industry 0494 .HK 0494 .HK
    Tencent Commerce & Industry 0700 .HK 0700 .HK
    China Unicom Commerce & Industry 0762 .HK 0762 .HK
    PetroChina Commerce & Industry 0857 .HK 0857 .HK
    CNOOC Commerce & Industry 0883 .HK 0883 .HK
    China Mobile Commerce & Industry 0941 .HK 0941 .HK
    China Shenhua Commerce & Industry 1088 .HK 1088 .HK
    COSCO Pacific Commerce & Industry 1199 .HK 1199 .HK
    Belle Int'l Commerce & Industry 1880 .HK 1880 .HK
    China Coal Commerce & Industry 1898 .HK 1898 .HK
    FIH Commerce & Industry 2038 .HK 2038 .HK
    CHALCO Commerce & Industry 2600 .HK 2600 .HK