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The Main Stock Exchange in India

The National Stock Exchange in India is located in Mumbai, and it is a private company. In the Indian continent, many stock exchanges exist but this is the largest according to daily capital and number of transactions, both the equity section and the derivative section. The National Stock Exchange in India (NSE) located in Mumbai Thanks to his high market capitalization, the NSE estimated to become the biggest stock exchange in India by the end of 2009. In India many other exchanges exist like the NSE based in Mumbai is considered to be the most important stock market. In this big city, the stock transactions are the most prominent of the entire India.

The NSE computers connected to the NVAT system it for transactions was around 2800 in total, and they covered around 1500 cities all across India. The equity market capitalization of the companies listed on the Mumbai stock exchange was about 1.5 trillion US dollars. Thanks to that it was the second largest stock exchange in the South of Asia, in 2007.

NSE is one of the largest Stock Exchanges in the world according to the total number of trading activities in equity operations. It has been recognized as the 2nd quickest increasing market of the entire globe with a recorded increase of more than 16 %. The National Stock Exchange became in November 1992 a private company and in April of the next year. It was acknowledged as a stock exchange market under the Security Contract Regulation Act. NSE started operations in the wholesale of the debt market segment in 1994.

CNX Nifty 50 Sectors Weighting
Banks 17%
Finance - Housing6%
Automobiles 5%
Oil Explor./Production3%
Steel & Steel Products3%
Diversified 3%
All Others 14%
The capital market in equities commenced its operations the same year, while the derivative operations only began in 2000. The National Stock Exchange is one of the most modern Indian stock exchanges and it has been awarded as a real pioneer in launching all novelties in the Indian financial market. It has been the first stock exchange to use Internet as trading means starting from beginning of 2000, thanks to this innovation; it increased the popularity of the community of brokers. The NSE was the only and unique stock market to do trading of gold in India. It has created also a television associating with CNBC.

The NSE opening hours started usually from 9.00 in the morning of India official time until 3.30 in the afternoon every day of the week except the weekends and holidays. After some discussions, the opening time was lined up with the same hours of the Bombay Stock Exchange, so starting from November 2009 the revised timing is from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

S&P CNX Nifty 50 Index: