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The Wilshire 5000

The Total Stock Market Index

The market value of all stocks regularly traded in the U.S. is indexed in the Wilshire 5000 Whole Market Index, or just Wilshire 5000. Over 4,100 constituents are at present contained in the index. (see entire list here) The index includes all most all publicly traded companies that have their headquartered in the United States and with easily obtainable price data that intended to be measured by this index. Excluded are bulletin board stocksWiser Advisor of extremely small companies and most penny stocks. Therefore, it is a mainstream barometer of public stocks traded chiefly through New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, or the American Stock Exchange of which all are included in the index, but limited Partnerships and ADRs are not included. The index can be checked by following ticker W5000. Wilshire 5000 Stock Index" The Wilshire Associates in 1974 established the Wilshire 5000 Market Index, and it was named after some problems it incorporated by that time. When Dow & Jones Company took the responsibility for its calculation and maintenance, its new name was "Dow Jones Wilshire 5000" in April 2004. Upon the conclusion of the partnership, the index was returned to the Wilshire Associates On March 31, 2009.

On December 31, 1980, it had the complete market capitalization of $1,404.596; the base value for the index was 1404.60 points, when an index change became equal to $1billion. By the year 2005 each index point revealed a

Wilshire 5000 SectorsWeighting
Health Care12.33%
Consumer Discr.12.06%
Consumer Staples8.15%
Telecommunications 3.09%
Materials 2.96%
change of around $1.2 billion in the total market capitalization of index as a result of the index divisor adjustments due to corporate actions and index composition changes.

Until February 20, 2007, the index did not close above its peak of 14,000 points of attained on March 24, 2000. And so as record shows, no profit was gained by the assumed investment in the Wilshire 5000, made at the 2000 peak and with following dividends added until October 3, 2006. For the very first time, the index closed above fifteen thousand on April 20, 2007. Because of the absence of the small cap from S&P 500 and their inclusion in the Wilshire five thousand, the S&P five hundred was still a number of percentage points under its own March 2000 peak and the Wilshire five thousand outperformed the large cap index represented by the S&P 500 during the cyclic bull market.

How to Invest in the Wilshire 5000 Index

Claymore-an exchange-traded fund (ETF), endeavors to match the everyday performance of the index: Wilshire 5000 Total Market ETF offers investment for Wilshire 5000. Five varieties of the index are present namely full capitalization total return, float-adjusted total return, the float-adjusted price, full capitalization price and equal weight. The index‘s price versions and total return are distinguished on the basis that the total return versions justify for reinvestment of dividends.

Paradysz Matera

On the basis of how the index components are weighted the full capitalization, equal weight versions and float-adjusted are differentiated. The total shares due for each company are used by the full cap index. The shares that are adjusted for free float, are used in float-adjusted index. The equal-weighted index ensures that each security in the index acquire equal weight.

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